League Rules

Seminole FC/Shooting Stars League Rules: 

Anyone who breaks these rules will be escorted off the field.

Contact Seminole FC at 727-342-0762 or seminolefcsoccer@gmail.com

1.  No person on the sidline will be allowed to harass any Player, Coach or Referee.

2.  Parents or family members are not allowed at any time to interfere with practices or games.

3.  Foul or obscene language will not be tolerated.

4.  NO FIGHTING on the fields or anywhere on Recreation Center property.

5.  NO insulting, harassing, badgering, pestering, bullying will be tolerated at any time.

6.  For all players under the age of 15, a parent or guardian must be present during practices and games.  If parent or guardian is not present, the player will have to sit out the game.  A parent or guardian must be present to make medical or emergency decisions for the player.

7.  No smoking is allowed on any field.  If you must smoke, do so in the parking lot.

8.  No Dogs allowed on the field (service dogs only).

9.  No one is allowed to hang on the goals (this is a serious safety issue).

US Soccer Sideline Etiquette: Etiquette for Parents and Players

Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA)

            Rules and By-Laws

Gulfcoast Youth Soccer Association (GYSA)

US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA)

Rules for small sided games


Laws of the Game

Law 11 – Offside - simple approach to understanding the Offside law, review PDF for your reference/education










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